Zombies, Commies & Dwarves, oh my

Cleaning The Tower

Session 2 - 8/1/08

Following the goblin battle in the center of Dunkel, the party tried to get some rest. Lloyd did some recon and got the first view of the tower, where he saw a large mass of goblins surrounding a bonfire. On his way back to the village he found a small encampment of goblins watching the path to the tower. He reported back to the village and everyone bedded down for some rest.

Shortly thereafter, another wave of goblins hit the town and though the PCs had more difficulty with the second batch, their excellent planning and use of tactics enabled them to dispatch these goblins as well.

The following day the party went on the offensive. They first found the abandoned encampment where the small group of goblins had been watching, and then got to the tower and saw only two guards. The party was not considering a frontal assault however, rather they spent the day preparing an ambush along the forest path. The traps combined with the element of surprise took down the first wave of goblins as they came down the path. The party made another great choice by constricting the movement of the goblins and limiting their own tactics.

While the party were ultimately able to kill the goblins, Thorgrim spent a great deal of time tanking the Underboss and was ultimately knocked unconscious. Quick healing brought him back from the brink of death however, and the party continued on to the now abandoned tower.

Most of the tower smelled of goblin urine, but there was one item of interest to be found. From the outside it was clear that at some point there had been a massive explosion that had blown out part of the top levels of the tower. Inside, the party found that a large portion of the stairs had been destroyed in the explosion. The party quickly climbed up to the burnt out floor which appeared to have been left undisturbed by the goblins. While there was extensive fire damage in on this level, the group found a partially charred scroll case which contained an old map of the region showing a number of sites the party had never heard of.

Following a night’s rest, Balthazar stayed behind to begin magically cleaning the tower and the rest of the party returned first to Dunkel and collected their payment then moved on to Odd’s Crossing. There they found some info regarding the map and looked into the costs of getting the tower repaired to use as a base of operations. They decided to collect Balthazar and move on to Karn’s Depot, a small town next to the Grand Treaty Line. They arrived there without difficulty and found the town to be deserted.



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