Zombies, Commies & Dwarves, oh my

Leaving Home

Session 1 - 7/19/08

Following the harvest festival, the party leaves their small town home of Soothton. After a day’s travel they arrive in Odd’s Crossing, the big town of the area. They quickly find that the two most well-known taverns in the city are the Frozen Dog and the Dancing Sally. The group secured lodging in the Dog, and spent some time talking to its Dwarven owner/barkeep. They learned that the fishing village of Dunkel has been having goblin problems, and that a man from Dunkel had spent two days in Odd’s Crossing trying to recruit goblin exterminators. The man was unsuccessful and moved on to the south and Tilson City. The party also learned that the giants in the mountains to the north had been restless lately, even going so far as to raid a town, but what specific town was not known.

Balthazar spent some time talking to Daniel, the master blacksmith of Odd’s Crossing, buying several sets of manacles. Thorgrim examined the collapsed bridge that had run parallel to the stone bridge and found the remains of strange metal rails. The party headed to Dunkel and spoke with the surviving head of the village and found that just about every night a large party of goblins had been raiding, carrying off villagers & food, burning huts and killing people. The poor fishers of Dunkel offered the party 50 gold pieces, which they clearly couldn’t afford but which the party felt the need to attempt to haggle to raise anyway, to clear out the goblin infestation. The party accepted and began planning. They found that the goblins had taken over an old abandoned mage’s tower. The mage, Garvin, had disappeared years before and the fishermen didn’t know anything about him.

The party correctly guessed that the goblins would raid that night, so they spent the afternoon and evening preparing the town. The villagers were crowded onto the docks, with their most able men defending them. Using prestidigitation, Balthazar successfully drew the remarkably gullible raiding party to the center of Dunkel where they slaughtered them with little effort.



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