Zombies, Commies & Dwarves, oh my

To The North, And Beyond!

Session 4 - 9/06/08

Loaded down with the body of their fallen comrade Thorgrim, the party returned to Karn’s Depot. There they found another party of adventurers battling a young white dragon. Just as they arrived the creature’s vicious frost breath weapon took down three of the four, leaving a DragonBorn Paladin the lone combatant. The PC’s joined the battle and swiftly dropped the young dragon.

The paladin introduced himself as Korinn, the protector of Mother Honora, a young cleric and one of those felled by the dragon. Rushing to her side, he found that she had survived although the wizard Mozbek and the warrior Gyrthr were dead. Korinn healed Mother Honora, and she began the prayers involved in giving the dead (including Thorgrim) a gentle repose.

Korinn and Mother Honora told a frightening tale of zombie attacks in Odd’s Crossing, which they had passed through only the day before. They informed the party that fully a dozen had died in the town, and that many there were afraid for their lives. The southern migration had increased dramatically as well. They also told of their quest, to find the tomb of Julian the Bold. The tomb apparently figures into a prophecy regarding an uprising of undead, which they believed was what they were in the middle of. The party agreed to join with these two on their quest, and escort Mother Honora to the tomb to try and find a way to stop the vast zombie hordes.

Ka’Shaun expressed concern for their families in Soothton, and the party decided to return there before continuing on with Honora and Korinn. They made their way back to Odd’s Crossing, where it seemed the majority of the inhabitants of the town were packing up their households and beginning the journey south. The party found an armorer, Heinz, who answered some of their questions and provided some needed equipment. They also met up with Balthazar’s father, who told them that their small village had also been attacked by the undead.

Spurred on by his words, the party headed to Soothton. In the small cemetery outside of town, they found empty fresh graves. In the town itself they found only zombies. With the help of Korinn and Honora, the party defeated the zombies with little difficulty. Checking his home Damakos found one of his family treasures, a statue of the demon Nebankh, Destructor of Worlds, although his parents were absent just like all the villagers. Saddened by the destruction of their home, the party returned to Karn’s Depot to wait for the Dwarven train.

The train arrived exactly on time, and Vitali even managed to express regret at the death of Thorgrim. Paying their fare, the adventurers settled in for the long ride to Caterglen. They passed the abandoned towns of Ogleby and North Crossing before heading into the [[Len-Kahn Tunnels]] of the Dwarven kingdom. The train made brief stops at [[Zul-Kayn]] and [[Cal-Thett]], with a few Dwarves getting on at both stops. Ka’Shaun managed to strike up a conversation with one of these Dwarves, despite Vitali’s obvious disapproval.

At Grand Plateau Central Station, the train came back above ground and stopped at a very busy station, with many trains and lines. The party was informed that there would be a two hour holdover, and that for their own good they should stay aboard the train. The party watched as Vitali intercepted the Dwarf who had spoken to Ka’Shaun, and led him through a black door off to the side of the main station entrance. Shortly thereafter, Vitali returned with two other dwarves, one male and one female. The male never spoke, but the female introduced herself as Milena Petrovna, Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs to his majesty Anton Dmitrovich Tikhomirov.

Petrovna had many questions for the party, particularly in regards to the Glorious Protectors Council and any dealings they had with it. Fortunately for the PC’s they’ve had no contact with the Council and told the truth about that fact. They had questions about the Council, and Petrovna told them some of the history of their country of which they were unaware. She denounced the “communism” under which they were raised, and the mixing of the races as unnatural. She warned them not to remove any Dwarven items from Dwarven territory without the proper paperwork (form [[27J-6]]).

When the party inquired about entering the station itself, Petrovna stated that it was possible, but that customs forms would have to be filled out. The party was led through the black door into a small office, and given official looking documents written entirely in Dwarvish. On the recommendation of Balthazar none of them filled out those documents and they were returned to the train. At the end of the two hour period the train returned underground, coming back out in the center of Northhold, the Dwarven fortress on the border of Eladrin territory.

The train passed through the gates of Northhold and swiftly arrived at the far northern end of the line, in the forest city of Caterglen. The city, built into massive trees, was astoundingly warm. The party learned this was an effect of the Feywild, and that the weather in Caterglen was always perfect. They were greeted at the Eladrin depot by Immarral, a surprisingly friendly and helpful man. He explained that they would shortly be joined by their host to the city.

Sariel arrived shortly thereafter, and answered questions from everyone while leading them through the city. They were taken to a stone building, one of the few built on the ground, bearing the sign of a green sunburst. This was where they would stay while in the city, and where they met the owner, Thibaud. Thibaud and Sariel were both extraordinarily friendly, and made the party feel very comfortable. While Thibaud went to arrange a meal, a young Eladrin girl came into the waiting area and washed their feet. The party had a magnificent meal, although it was oddly devoid of any meat, then got some rest. One of the things the party learned from Sariel was that the Dwarves were in a near constant state of war. At one point they had been fighting the Kingdom of Ainsbury to their south, the Giants to their east and the Drow beneath them. It was at that point when the Eladrin had negotiated their treaty, giving them the best terms ever achieved in such a negotiation. She also told them that the founding of the Dwarven city of [[The Bar-Dayn Ruins|Bar-Dayn]] had been the cause of the wars with Ainsbury, and even though that kingdom had long since abandoned the far north, the Dwarves wouldn’t even consider breaking their treaty and returning to their now abandoned settlement.

The next day they went shopping, finding a merchant willing to make trades on some of the magical items they had gathered. They also met Cedric, an elderly Eladrin wizard. After another fine meal, the party made plans to leave the fine city. At the next opportunity, they boarded the Dwarven train. They took the train back through Dwarven territory to North Crossing, and set out on foot for the Bar-Dayn Ruins.

The intense cold and snow slowed their progress, but towards nightfall Lloyd heard giggling nearby. He snuck closer, and found a small group of Orcs pulling food from a basket and laughing all the while. The party ambushed these Orcs, and made short work of them. The next day they reached the ruins, and found instead of an abandoned city a fully-functioning and well-populated Orc settlement. The party took to the trees and made their way around the city, headed for Jarl’s Pass and the hope they quest for in a long forgotten tomb.



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