Vitali Lukovich

Vitali is the foreman of the last train on the Grand Treaty Line


The PCs met Vitali in Karn’s Depot, when they happened to be in town during the arrival of the last train on the Grand Treaty Line. Vitali spoke to the party while constantly checking his watch and waiting out the ten minutes he was required to stay in town. Vitali informed the group that no one had taken the train in over fifteen years, but as Dwarves abide by their treaties, the train still ran every three days until it reached the point where the track had been destroyed by scavengers. Vitali said the the villagers were scared of the train, and that it had been years since anyone had even spoken to him while he waited.

Vitali displayed clear contempt for Thorgrim, stating that as he had grown up in the “Glorious State of Ainsbury” he was not really a dwarf. He told Ka’shaun that as a result of a treaty with the Eladrin, he was legally bound to inform him that all Eladrin were to be given free passage to the city of Caterglen if they desired it. Ka’shaun asked for and received a train schedule.

Vitali Lukovich

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